6 Ways to take Care of your eyes this Monsoon

With monsoon season around, we can’t wait to enjoy the lush green landscapes, breathtaking waterfalls and picturesque lakes. So don’t let eye problems ruin your monsoon. Eye problems like conjunctivitis and stye are very common during this season in both adults and kids. So here are a few simple tips that can keep your eyes healthy and safe this monsoon.


  1. Do not touch your eyes!

Make sure you wash your hands with soap and water before you touch your eyes. Your fingers are covered with germs and rubbing your eyes with unclean hands can easily transmit the infection to your eyes.


  1. Clean your Eyewear

It is very important to clean your spectacles and sunglasses. Rinse it under tap water. Wash the pouches and the cloth you use to clean them. Check the cases for any fungus and replace them. Keep your contact lenses in a clean case. Wash your lens case and replace them yearly. Never share lens containers with anyone.


  1. Avoid Eye Make-Up

Eyes can catch infection very easily from make-up products. Any tiny particle can trigger allergies. Never share eye make-up with anyone.


  1. Switch to Glasses

Wearing glasses is safer in monsoons. When going outdoors prefer not to wear contact lenses.


  1. Maintain hygiene

If someone at home has conjunctivitis, wash your hand after putting drops. Do not share hand, face towels, clothes and other commonly touched items. Avoid crowded places and swimming.


  1. Fight infections

In case of red eyes visit your eye doctor. Do not put over the counter medications.