Complete guide to spectacle removing surgery

LASIK is Laser assisted in situ keratomileusis. It is the most commonly performed specs removal surgery in the world. It is used to treat

  1. Myopia or near sightedness

  2. Hyperopia or far sightedness

  3. Astigmatism

In this technique, the cornea is reshaped by laser corresponding to the spectacles power. After this procedure, you don’t need to wear glasses or contact lenses to see clearly. LASIK is by enlarge pain free & vision improvement is very fast.

To undergo LASIK you must satisfy following criterias-

  • Age – above 18 yrs

  • Spectacle number should be stable for a year

  • Adequate corneal thickness

  • Healthy cornea

  • Patient should not be pregnant or breastfeeding

Pre operative LASIK workup will be done for you. This includes a few eye tests. The reports of your eye test will be evaluated thoroughly and then we will let you know if you are a good candidate to undergo this procedure.

LASIK – The procedure

  1. A microkeratome or a blade is used to create a corneal flap.

  2. This flap is then lifted.

  3. Excimer laser is applied to the stromal bed to reshape the cornea to improve the vision.

  4. The flap is repositioned.

  5. The procedure takes less 10 minutes. The LASER is applied for less than 1 minute.

  6. Visual recovery is very fast.

LASIK surgery in Pune

Choose the Best Doctor & Procedure for Laser Eye Surgery


US-FDA ApprovedLASIK surgery in which the microkeratome blade is used to create the flap. One might experience Glare and Haloes at night.

US-FDA Approved
Since every eye is not the same, custom Q offers customized & personalized treatments. This ensures better quality of vision & enhanced safety.

US-FDA Approved
In this type of LASIK, a thin flap is created. This helps in tissue saving. This provides better strength to the cornea

US-FDA Approved
Aspheric laser surgery is highly preferred by eye surgeons for its ability to deliver better visual outcomes. In this technique, each & every point of the cornea is measured & rectified. This treatment rectifies the problems of glare & halos in conventional LASIK & gives better contrast sensitivity.

US- FDA Approved

This is the most advanced type of LASIK. The flap is made with Femtosecond laser so it is thinner and more precise. This procedure is bladeless as flap is made by LASER.

LASIK: Proven Safety

The first question that comes to our mind- Is laser eye surgery safe?

This surgery has been performed on millions of patients worldwide. It has been practiced by eye surgeons across the globe since the last 25 years. LASIK is one the safest surgery performed by ophthalmologists these days for specs removal.

A Study conducted in US stated that 99% of patients who have undergone LASIK recommend it to their friends and family.

LASIK Eye Surgery Benefits

The benefits of LASIK include:

  • Very little pain

  • Stitchless

  • Visual recovery is very fast

  • Any adjustments in future can be done

Why Choose Us

-FDA approved technology

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LASIK Eye Surgery Benefits

LASIK surgery in Pune may cost between 35k to 50k depending on the type of LASIK Surgery selected.

Best eye hospital for LASIK surgery in Pune.

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Dr Sarika Sethia is a Gold medallist in ophthalmology. She is also Diplomat of National Board. She has presented oral paper, posters & lectures at various national & international conferences. She has completed many fellowships & training courses in advanced cataract & laser vision correction surgeries. She has worked at post graduate institute as Assistant Professor. She is on panel of prestigious hospitals in Pune like Jehangir hospital, Sanjeevan hospital & Global hospital. Currently she is director at Indovision Cataract & Laser Eye Centre.