Zepto Surgery

Advanced Cataract Surgery - Zepto Surgery

Normal aging will lead to cataract. Since natural lens undergoes changes in cataract, only way to treat cataract is surgical removal of cataractous lens. This is replaced by new artificial lens to improve vision. Nowadays cataract surgery is very advanced & safe due to technical advances. Zepto cataract surgery represent one such advanced technique. Zepto cataract surgery uses “Zepto Capsulotomy Device” to make perfect and precise capsulotomy. This device makes capsulotomy which is a very complex step in cataract surgery simplified. A better capsulotomy assures better centration of intraocular lens. This device is made such that it can could be inserted through a 2 mm small incision. The Zepto is made of Nitinol alloy. It uses low-energy pulses of direct current and built-in vacuum to perform a capsulotomy. One can clearly differentiate a circle drawn by hand as compared to a computerised one. This gives the capsulotomy added advantage of a stronger edge.

Cases Where Zepto Surgery is Highly Recommended

  • One Eyed Patients

  • White Cataracts

  • Hard Brown Cataracts

  • Corneal Opacities

  • Subluxated Cataracts

  • Cataracts in Children

Zepto Surgery


  • Precision and safety

  • Lesser chances of glare and haloes

  • Low cost

  • Reduced surgical time

  • Predictable results

  • In corneal opacities, small pupils, and other co-morbidities very helpful

  • Better visual outcomes in complex cases like intumescent cataract, children with cataract, subluxated lensand calcification of the capsular bag.