Are you a good candidate for LASIK

Are you a Candidate?

Even if you wish to undergo a specs removal surgery, your eye needs to qualify certain criterions to undergo such surgery. There are number of factors that your eye doctor will examine before determining if you are a good candidate for LASIK. The spectacle power, eye health & many other factors need to be considered. AS every individual is different, each eye is unique. Our expert team of doctors thoroughly evaluated each patient & advice treatment options best suited for your eyes.


If you wish be to free from wearing glasses & contact lenses, the best way to find out more is to book a consultation with us. indovision eye hospital At your appointment simple painless diagnostic tests will be performed & a personalized treatment plane will be generated.


LASIK may be helpful in correcting myopia, hypermetropia, astigmatism & presbyopia. For those who are not eligible for LASIK, there are other options available with us.

Are you a good candidate for LASIK
Age Surgery should be done after 18 yrs of age once the natural growth of the eye is sufficient.
Eye health Condition of your eyes is very important. If you are suffering from severe dry eyes, conjunctivitis (pink eyes) & any other eye infections then you may not be able to undergo a LASIK procedure. C
Corneal thickness The number of your glasses is recreated on your cornea. This involves removal of corneal tissue by laser. Hence, a minimum thickness of cornea is required to be eligible. The thickness of the cornea will be measured by pachymetry.
Pregnancy Pregnant woman are not eligible for LASIK surgery. Please le us know if you think you are pregnant or planning a near pregnancy. It is advisable to undergo the procedure 6 months after breast feeding is stopped.
Pre-existing conditions If you are suffering from conditions like rheumatoid arthritis, Lupus please inform your doctor. You may or may not be eligible depending on severity of your disease.
Stable specs number Your specs number should be stable for at least a year. Minor changes in number may happen but that will not disqualify you from LASIK procedure.

These are some of the things are that are seen before you are eligible for LASIK. Ultimately the best way to know for sure that you are a good candidate is to get an appointment with,  indovision eye hospital