AI-LenSx Bladeless Femto Laser Surgery

Artificial Intelligence Based Robotic Laser Cataract Surgery

With advancement in technology cataract surgery has become very accurate and more precise. The use of Artificial Intelligence has made the results of cataract surgery more predictable.

Why AI-LenSx?

Highly Precise Unmatched by Human Hands

Best Visual Outcomes

Fastest Recovery (within 12hours)

US-FDA Approved For Safety

Bladeless,Painless,  No Stitches,

No Injections, No Hospitalisation 

AI Lens SX Bladeless Femto Laser Surgery

Advantages of AI-LenSx Femto Laser

Highly Precise and Predictable Outcome:

The use of artificial intelligence has most difficult steps of phacoemulsification cataract surgery simplified. Imagine drawing a circle by hand compared to a computerized diagram.  Thereby enhanced precision & more accurate surgery outcomes can be achieved.

As the name suggests, no blade is used to make any incisions. The incisions are made by laser so they are precise & accurate. These incisions are unmatched to those made by human hands.

Highest Quality of Vision:

Phacoemulsification cataract surgery only corrects the cataract. The cataractous lens is removed & an intraocular lens is implanted. Whereas in AI LenSx Femto laser the pre-existing astigmatism can also be corrected. Hence, one can experience enhanced results.


Phacoemulsification is one of the safest cataract surgery techniques. However, AI LenSx Femto laser further improves the safety of cataract surgery. Since this involves minimum human handling so chances of human error are much low. The use of computerised lasers makes guided & accurate incisions. Due to this wound healing is better & chances of infection are much low.

Advanced Technology for PremiumIOLs

Premium IOL’s are getting popular day by day. The pre-requisite for use of premium IOL is a perfect centered capsular opening. This is Possible with AI LenSx Femto laser.

US-FDA Approved

The US FDA has approved AI LenSx Femto second cataract surgery after multiple trials & optimum results. So safety of this procedure has been approved.


Artificial intelligence is used to make capsulotomy, incisions, & lens fragmentation. The capsulotomy with AI assisted laser is standardized & well centered. This enable implantation of a well centered IOL delivering high quality visual outcome.

How AI has improved FLACS?

Over the years it has been observed that the results of laser Cataract surgery are much better than manual Phacoemulsification. The entire process is guided by computer and gives precise, accurate and reproducible results.

The machine is the AI LenSx Femtosecond Laser System, has been introduced by Alcon, USA. This has been designed to manage most challenging cases in cataract surgery.

Cylinder Correction in AI-LenSx

AI-LenSx Femto Cataract Laser Surgery can correct the cylinder by three ways 

  • LRI or Limbal Relaxing Incisions

  • Toric Lenses with Verion Digital Axis Marking

  • Toric Lenses with Manual Marking

laser surgery

These are not permanent solutions. Cataract will develop completely & cause further reduction in vision. Symptoms will worsen & may lead to loss of vision. At this stage, surgical removal of cataract is the only option.


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Dr Sarika Sethia is a Gold medallist in ophthalmology. She is also Diplomat of National Board. She has presented oral paper, posters & lectures at various national & international conferences. She has completed many fellowships & training courses in advanced cataract & laser vision correction surgeries. She has worked at post graduate institute as Assistant Professor. She is on panel of prestigious hospitals in Pune like Jehangir hospital, Sanjeevan hospital & Global hospital. Currently she is director at Indovision Cataract & Laser Eye Centre.