Bag under the eyes

Reasons for baggy eyes and the ways and means to get relief from them

You may become concerned because of your cosmetic appearance when you see bags under your eyes. Sometimes the cause may be serious. In this case, you must visit a doctor. He can recommend you necessary treatment if there are any health issues.

Bag Under eye

Definition of Eye Bags?

By the growing ages, you may notice a minor puffiness is increasing under your eyes, that is called eye bags. This can appear because of many reasons. Skin weakening may be one of them. There are fat pads under the eyes. Because of ageing of the skin, that slip down and find its space into the bags. Any excess fluid in our body enhances the puffiness of the eyes.

It’s noticeable mostly in the morning after sleeping. Bags under the eyes doesn’t always indicate serious issues. The daily skincare, healthy diet, small changes in daily life often cure this problem.

What Causes Bags Under the Eyes?

There are some tissues and muscles around the eyes which helps to tighten up the eyelids. But as we grow older, the tissues and muscles weaken which results in saggy skin problems and baggy eyes.

There are some other reasons. In some people fat tend to sit under the lower eyelids which make them look puffier.

Excess consumption of salt causes fluid retention into the body. When it accumulates below eyes, bags under your eyes become more visible. This is also the main reason for dark circles around the eyes.

Collagen level holds the elasticity and tone of the body. Because of lower collagen production, our skin sags. Our skin under the eyes is very thin. Any changes become visible in thinner parts very soon.

Fluid retention, Allergy, thyroid, infection, eye fatigue, stress, smoking, lack of sleep are also known for the reason of baggy eyes.

Some lifestyle changes may help you to reduce baggy eyes. But there are some which do not go away quickly, they need a little more attention.

The most common causes of baggy eyes are as follows:

  • Less sufficient sleep

  • Allergy

  • Smoking

  • Sinus problems

  • Dehydration to the body

  • Stressful lifestyle

  • Crying and rubbing

  • Hereditary issue

Bags under the eyes


The symptoms of baggy eyes are shown not in the body but only in the eye area. Because of these your eye area may look dark. Even you try to look under your eyes the area underneath looks like dark circles below your eyelids. These symptoms are very mild and don’t cause any pain. So, they don’t require any significant treatment.

Few symptoms which you may face if you have baggy eyes include:

  • Minor swelling of eyelids

  • Loose or sagging skin beneath the lower eyelids

  • Dark circles under eyes

How To treat ?

If your problem is genetic,  you can’t cure this problem fully.  However, if you maintain a healthy lifestyle you can stop its appearance. Some home remedies are also helpful in this matter.

You can follow some steps, listed below to prevent your problems:

  • Sleep at least 7-8 hours every day.

  • Avoid smoking.

  • Reduce alcohol intake on an everyday basis.

  • Try to wear makeup as little as possible.

  • Before sleeping use any eye cream.

  • Try to avoid UV rays. You can use sunscreen lotion. Wearing sunglasses is a must.

  • Avoid salt intake

Risk Factors

There is nothing to worry if you have eye bags. But you must visit your doctor because it may be symptoms of other problems like thyroid allergy and so on.

If your eye bags arrive suddenly, you may have thyroid in your body that needs to be checked.

When your body releases histamines, seasonal allergies can occur. As a result, your eye bags or puffiness can also increase as these histamines cause fluid to leak from blood vessels and restore under the eyes.

Because of infection or inflammation, skin swelling occurs. In this case, you must visit your doctor to get the recommendation of antibiotics or any eye drops to treat the problem.

Some diseases like kidney failure can cause swelling and if not treated properly it will certainly worsen the problem. If someone intake tobacco, he/she may suffer from sleep loss, collagen break down, reduced skin elasticity which altogether causes eye puffiness or eye swelling.


When you are feeling or seeing bags under your eyes, you must visit your doctors to diagnose their causes. They will not only check your skin issues or eye issues, but they might also suggest you perform other tests of thyroid, infection or allergies if needed.

If your primary treatment doesn’t help, your doctor might refer you to an ophthalmologist who will perform an in-depth diagnosis. If you have any signals from the below list there may be a serious condition than fatigue or fluid retention.

  • Severe swelling and pain around the eyes.

  • Itchiness and redness.

  • Persistent puffiness is not going away even after treatments.

If you are getting conscious about your appearance and looks, you must visit your doctor as soon as possible.

How To Treat primarily to avoid Bags Under Eyes?

Here are some home remedies to get rid of bags under the eyes:

  • Get proper sleep which is a minimum of 8 hours a day.

  • Sleep with your head slightly raised but not too much elevated.

  • Avoid drinking alcohol.

  • Limit salt intake.

  • Quit smoking

  • Avoid allergy-prone food.

  • Keep a teabag. Keep it in freeze for some time then place it upon your eyes or you can use another cool compressor.

If you need instant removal of the bags of your eyes, you can use concealer in that case. Makeup can mask the bags for at least some time. But you must visit your doctor for therapy. They might suggest you laser treatment, chemical peeling or fillers to even out your skin tone.

Doctors also suggest Blepharoplasty surgery to remove the fats from your lower eyelids in severe cases. However, this eyelid surgery doesn’t work for all eye bags.


You can try the home remedies after taking your doctor’s advice. Because home remedies are mostly harmless but in some rare cases they worsen the circumstances. If you visit our ophthalmologist at Indovision Cataract & LASIK Eye Hospital , Pune, they will guide you with the most beneficial remedies or treatment required.