Cataract surgery cost

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Cataract surgery: how much does it cost?

Cataract surgery is commonly performed surgery in India. Cataract surgery has been covered under multiple schemes like central government health scheme (CGHS), Central services medical attendance(CSMA), State government health scheme & Health insurance coverage. There are government aided & trust hospitals that conduct free cataract surgery.

When considering a private cataract surgery, one can have the advantages of

  • Shorter waiting time

  • Personalized attention as the same doctor seeing you during consultation will be operating you.

  • You can decide when & where you want to operate.

  • With wide range of lenses, you can choose the lens that suits you.

Pricing Cataract

The cost of cataract surgery in India typically ranges from 15,000 to 1,00,000 per eye. The actual cost of the cataract surgery will depend on the lens implanted, type of technology used during surgery and skill and experience of the surgeon. The amount insured for cataract surgery by your insurance company  may vary. If you opt for a higher quality lens you will have to pay for the difference.

There a whole range of premium IOLs available these days. One can also get freedom from glasses by paying additional cost. The premium IOLs include-

Also there are modern techniques to give you better post operative results –

  • Laser Assisted Cataract Surgery- Use of Femtosecond laser during cataract surgery make the surgery more robotic and predictable. This technique is highly preferred in premium lenses.

  • Limbal Relaxing Incisions- These incisions ae performed during cataract surgery to correct the astigmatism.

You also need to consider the pre-operative evaluation. Before a cataract surgery you will need a –

  • Ophthalmologists Consultation- Detailed Comprehensive Eye Examination

  • Measurement of IOL Power- A-Scan or Optical Biometer

  • B-Scan may be needed in those with a mature cataract

    • Pre-operative Investigations-

    • Hemogram

    • Urine – routine and microscopy

    • Blood Sugar Level – Random (Fasting and Post Prandial in Diabetes)

    • ECG

  • Physician Fitness – With the above reports you need to consult your general physician and he will give a fitness to undergo Cataract surgery.

Pricing Cataract
Lens Brand Monofocal Lens Multifocal Lens Trifocal Lens Toric Lens
Indian Premium Appasamy, Aurolab, Naspro, Locare, etc 22-25k 48-55k 65-70k Additional 10k
Imported Rayner, Hoya, Biotech, Etc, 28-30k 65-70k 85-95k
Imported Premium Johnson & Johnson, Bausch & Lomb, Alcon, Zeiss,etc, 33-35k 75-85k 100-110k