Convergence Exercises- To Strengthen Your Eye Muscles

Looking into the computer screen, reading texts on paper are an unavoidable part of our daily lives. That often leads to the weakness of the eyes and other discomforts. To get rid of it, you can practice daily exercises to strengthen your eye muscles. Convergence exercise can help strengthen eye muscles especially in those with convergence weakness.

Convergence Exercises and the instructions

Our eyes are parallelly placed. As a result, if we look far and straight ahead, we look at the same level. But when we look at the nearer object, both of our eyes move toward each other – convergence. The eyes are capable of converging as close as 5 – 8 cm from the eyes when looking. But if someone is suffering from convergence insufficiency, this point reduces to 12 cm away. There are many reasons which leads to convergence insufficiency, computer work is one of them.

A list of exercises and their steps are mentioned below which can help you to improve the convergence over 4 to 8 weeks.

Convergence Exercises

Exercise Steps

You can sit or stand. Then you have to look straight at a small far-off object.

You have to hold a pen at arm’s length. Then you have to look at the tip of the pen.

Then you bring the tip of your pen closer to your eyes, focusing on the tip of the pen.

Then you have to hold it there for a few seconds. At that point where you feel some strain or heaviness in the eyes you may stop. If you feel the image is become double then you must stop.

Then again follow the arm length procedure again for 10 seconds.

Then again you have to bring the tip slowly to close youto the point where there is some strain.

You have to repeat this cycle ten times.

Exercise Schedule

  • You have to do this exercise for 5 minutes. You can do this twice daily. Once in the morning, once in the evening. But you have to choose a fresh time for the exercise.
  • You have to increase the time gradually. You can increase the time of exercise up to 15 minutes.

If you continue these exercises for two months, you will see a difference.

  • After that, you can do this once a day. Five minutes of exercise will be sufficient then to maintain good convergence of the eyes.

When you will start exercising, you might feel more strain, pain in both the eyes and headache for a few days. But daily practice will help you in some time. You have to take sufficient rest in that time. Gradually your convergence insufficiency will be recovered.